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1st November 2011

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Columbus, Ohio open ghost hunt at Hollywood Theatre! →

For those in the central Ohio area, Hollywood Theatre and Dark Alley Paranormal is hosting a ghost hunt this Saturday, November 5th.  The members of Dark Alley Paranormal will be teaching new hunters and guiding everyone through a hunt at the Hollywood Theatre in Westerville.  I have hunted in this theatre a few times, and caught some amazing evidence!  They have 2 ticket options, the first is a drink, a popcorn, a showing of Paranormal Activity 3 and the hunt for $50.  The second is the hunt only for $35.  If interested, please contact Hollywood Theatres at (614) 891-2505 or the website listed.  You can also get tickets through Dark Alley Paranormal’s website www.darkalleyparanormal.com.  This is going to be a lot of fun, and I hope to see you there!

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